Remember when I mentioned my friend Dona’s styling service called Shop Your Closet?  Well, we decided that once in a while, we’d shop MY closet and do some wardrobe styling.  Maybe this will give you an idea or two of how to make new outfits from forgotten items in your own closet.

So, to start, I found a favorite pair of pants that I rarely wear.  They’re made from a kind of brocade-ish, black & green satin/polyester fabric with a nice weight to them.  Since they’re a little on the fancy side, I typically only pull them out for holiday gatherings and events – one season a year.

I love these pants and recently wore them in a more casual setting – and it worked well. So Dona and I thought we’d try a couple of additional options to see if I could get even more use out of them.

I don’t know about you, but I love every outfit that we came up with. Take a look and let me know what you think.

This first option includes a long tunic shirt open with a neutral cami under, and a scarf to provide balance.  The burgundy shoes give the outfit a nice pop of color that adds visual interest.  This outfit would work well in the office, lunch with the girls or out to dinner.

The next outfit features a denim shirt knotted just below the waist with a black cami under and cute black mules.  We added the sparkly necklace as a fun nod to the “fanciness” of the pants.  This would work well for running errands or any casual event like a book group gathering or a lunch date.

Wearing a gold satin blouse with a long cardigan sweater and a chunky necklace lends this outfit a slightly more uptown vibe.  The pop of red in the necklace again adds a little visual interest.  This outfit would work in an office setting or business meeting, nice dinner out or even to the theater or similar event.

Why not take a fresh look at your own closet and see if you can take a lonely item and make friends with it.  Or if you’re in So Cal, give Dona a shout out.  Her fresh eyes are 20/20!

Till next time,


Meet my dear friend, Dona. She’s a stylist, comedienne, trusted friend and a downright amazing human being. We’ve been friends for . . . wait for it . . . . 46 years! We met in our high school Choir, and as they say, the rest is history. Our senses of humor or silliness, and our love of fashion were the instant glue that bound us together. Our friendship has endured many changes in our lives.

And now, here we are starting a new adventure together.



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Have you seen the movie LaLa Land yet? It stars the adorable duo of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. They play dreamers in Los Angeles – he is a passionate and struggling Jazz pianist, and she is an aspiring and struggling actress. While the story is part relationship seeking, part dream weaving, it is also clearly a love story to L.A. After all, what other city in the world can boast more dreamers, artists, and makers than L.A? The creative energy and magic that is generated every day in this city could light up a hundred cities.

I watched the movie, mesmerized on so many levels. All the familiar locations throughout the city, the romance of song & dance, even the scenes of our well-known traffic. But what struck me in my core and has stayed with me for the last week is the passion of pursuing a dream. The focus, the energy, the joy, sweat and tears of following that dream. Can’t remember the last time I felt like that.

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