Fashion inspiration and respite in a crazy world

There’s no doubt that much of the world is in a topsy turvy, free-for-all, running amok kind of spin lately. Like many, I have a strong social conscience that compels me to stay as informed as possible, to participate when I can, and to try to find some equilibrium in daily living in order to save the world – one thought at a time.

But when the world is too much to bear, I reach for a way out – a quiet respite that takes me away.

Ever since I was a girl (and the homefront was a bit chaotic), I will find a cozy corner and curl up with a couple of fashion magazines. I know it sounds silly. But, with a cup of tea close by, I walk my way dreamily through pictures of pretty clothes and places, enjoying the images and the inspiration – with nothing more serious to think about than the latest nonsensical trend.

Aaah – relief. At least for a few minutes.

Within the last few years, there has been more of a focus on older women and fashion (which is so refreshing). No longer being ignored by the fashion industry (hello – who’s got the money?), I have also found a few books that celebrate mature women finding or refining their style.

I’ve already introduced you to Quintessential Style, and highly recommend it for helping define a foundation for your wardrobe.

Another book I came across a few years ago and continue to use to this day is called The Wardrobe Wakeup by Lois Joy Johnson. She’s a former fashion and beauty editor, and in the book, she shares her many years of experience, tools and tricks in a way that is engaging, inspiring and fun.

Here’s what the book promises:

  • Get more style and flattery from your same old clothes
  • Look contemporary but not silly, spend less but look better, and dress for comfort without giving up on fashion
  • Find solutions to the fashion dilemmas specific to your life now: if you’re starting over after a major lifestyle transition, from financial changes to weight issues, job changes, even divorce, dating or relocation to a new climate.

She uses lots of photos, practical advice, and workable tips to teach the 40+ woman that age is a state of mind and style is what YOU make of it.

Books like this, as well as fashion magazines, give me more than the occasional respite. I always come away feeling inspired and motivated to try something new or rework something old, or just with a fresh perspective.

And after a brief respite of light and lovely fare, I’m once again ready to save the world . . . in cute shoes, of course.

How about you? Do have any special rituals to help you escape the crazy?

Till next time,


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