Don’t look at my arms!

The title of this post was squealed by my sister amidst much laughter while playing a game of cards. When she won, with joyful righteousness, she waved her arms in the air to proclaim her victory. At the exact moment that her arms were waving their delight, she squealed, “don’t look at my arms, don’t look at my arms.” Of course, her husband and I laughed hysterically, as did she, but her angst at her jiggling arms being witnessed by others (who love her dearly, by the way) was something I completely understood and could relate to.

Who else but those of us in our “mid” and later years understand this angst? Who else will wear sleeves or a jacket on a blistering hot Summer’s day, just to avoid the dreaded underarm wrinkle or batwing in view? I can hardly bring myself to leave the house anymore without at least short sleeves or a lightweight kimono over by arms.

Even as I’m writing these words, I’m frustrated with myself over such a silly thing.

But be that as it may, I don’t see it changing much – not for yours truly anyway.

With Spring and the dreaded heat of Summer fast approaching, I’ve optimistically begun my search for cute, short-sleeved and even sleeveless tops (lightweight covers close by, of course).

No, my arms are not the firm, smooth-skinned beauties they once were, but they still hold my loved ones close, comfort my friends, reach high for a glorious yoga stretch, grow beautiful things in a garden . . . . and, well, you get the drift.

So I’ll gently cover them with pretty things, and get on with my life.

How do you feel about baring your arms? Any words of advice or encouragement from those of you more enlightened than I?

In the meantime, how about a bit of sleeved Spring inspiration?

1,2,4,5,& 6 – Nordstrom; 3 & 7 – Target

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  1. dona
    March 10, 2017 / 7:23 am

    Hi Judy!
    As soon as I read your title, I started to laugh and my husband said “whats so funny”. Working in retail in a department that pretty much attracts 30-80 year old women, I hear it all day long, “I HAVE to cover my arms”. Can you imagine our mothers or grandmothers saying that! They didn’t care about covering their arms. What has happened through the years. Sad to say I even have 30 year old women who have perfect arms that want their arms covered. So, this is the advice I give to all my customers, cover your arms when you’re in your 80’s! You are going to look back to your younger years and wish you would have never covered them. So you have a few little wrinkles on the top of your arms, or skin hanging (when you lift your arms). think of it, how often to you have your arms raised in the air. Common ladies, we have one life to live. Be comfortable and don’t focus so much on your little arm wrinkles. I’m 63 years old and refuse to cover my arms. That day will come, but they’re going to have to look pretty bad. Judy I love your comments about what your arms are used for, that was beautiful! Currently, the cold shoulder is huge in our department. They are great for women of a certain age because they only bare your shoulders (where the skin is tight,haha). Step out of your box and try one on. Don’t be that women (like Judy said) covering your arms and being hot during the summer time. I dare you to “BARE YOUR ARMS”!

  2. Teresa Leigh
    March 11, 2017 / 4:04 pm

    I feel your pain!! But I found a great solution. I love Nerium’s contouring cream for my arms!!! Handles the jiggle and dreaded batwing!! No covering up for me .

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