Do you have Quintessential Style?

Scenario: You’ve hit your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or beyond and you want to amp things up a bit in your style? Maybe you’re starting a new job or career, maybe you’re getting off that track and trying something completely different, or maybe, just maybe you’re finally giving your Self the time and attention you deserve and you feel like a new look is in order. Where to begin.

I have a suggestion.

Last year, I attended a bloggers conference to learn and then decide if this was something I really wanted to do. The first day of the conference, I met a wonderful, sweet and charming woman who became one of my conference-mates. We just clicked and had a wonderful time over the next two days.

As I soon learned, Sharon White is the co-author of a book about style titled Quintessential Style. I’ve read it and love it, and asked Sharon if she would share a few insights from her book on my blog. She graciously agreed, as is her nature. Her co-author, Janna Beatty, also chimed in.

In simple language, this is the primer that will take you from “where do I begin” to “look at me now!”


Here’s our “interview.

  1. Hi Sharon! To begin, please share a little about yourself and Janna.

Sharon (left) and Janna (right)

I am a writer/blogger from Central Texas, and Janna is the creator and owner of U R Makeover Studio in Waco. Janna is a pioneer in the ‘image consulting’ profession. (When she began her business, 35 years ago, the only people who employed professional stylists were politicians, movie stars and beauty contestants. Now stylists are ubiquitous and everyone seems to have one.)

The one thing Janna and I have in common is that we are both excruciatingly passionate about our life’s work.


2.  How did you and Janna come to write Quintessential Style?

I knew Janna had unique experiences and knowledge gleaned after working with thousands of clients during her 35-year career. After just one consultation with Janna, clients could actually ‘see themselves more clearly’ than they did before they walked into her studio. Janna perceives the positive essence of a person–never the negative.

“After decades of working with women, I never cease to be astounded by how blind most women can be to their own true beauty.” … Janna Beatty

After some market research, I recognized that Janna had an approach to style based on helping women see themselves more clearly — which is truly the first step in cultivating individual style.

 Sometimes intuition (or something more divine) takes over and you feel a calling. Between Janna’s wisdom, my writing skills, and that divine inspiration, we created QUINTESSENTIAL STYLE.

3.  Since the book is a primer for all women of every age, in your experience, in terms of style, where do you think women over 50 most often need help?

Women often need help becoming aware of, and comfortable with, change. Change in lifestyle, change in relationships, physical changes with their bodies.  In Quintessential Style we implore women to embrace change and flow with it. We ask them to accept and appreciate ‘who they are TODAY.’

“Change is inevitable. Change can be sudden, but more often it occurs gradually, over time.”   …Janna Beatty

4.  In the beginning of the book, you focus on “finding yourself” in order to find your style.  Why do you believe this is so important?

The first page of our book states emphatically that  ‘our beauty lies in our diversity.’ Once we discover and appreciate what is unique about ourselves (quintessential) we can learn to showcase that uniqueness. After all:  ‘It’s not about styling an outfit…it’s about styling and communicating who you are.’ 

Our appearance is a billboard, no matter what age we are. Whether we think of it that way, or not.

5.  If you had to narrow down the advice in the book, what are the first 3 steps every woman should take before she embarks upon building a new wardrobe or updating her current one (besides buying your book which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND)?

  • Examine the lifestyle you are living TODAY.
  • Clear out your closet and remove items that are no longer serving you.
  • Begin to simplify your dressing by using what we call Wardrobe A, B, C’s. (Accessories in Sets, Bases, and Complementary Colors.)

“A well-engineered wardrobe really is as simple as A,B,C.” …Janna Beatty

6.  Is there anything else you would like to add?

We would like to leave you with this thought:

 The media has been blamed for women’s self-esteem issues. But in our experience, we find it is not the comparing to models and celebrities that is detrimental. What is most detrimental is: comparing yourself to ‘who you used to be’.

 Rather than dwell on our past selves and who we once were, wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to focus on our growth and who we have become?

 And even more thrilling, who we are yet to become?

Till next time,


P.S.  I hope you take a look at the book Quintessential Style. Click here to purchase a copy.

Also, be sure and check out Sharon’s blog about all things “style.” Click here.

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