Nowadays, fashion and personal style have many fewer rules than in decades past. It’s pretty much an anything goes world, especially regarding personal style. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t take stock of what works for us in terms of lifestyle, situational appropriateness, modesty, and body type. It does mean though View Post

What is it about Parisian women’s style that is so attractive and compelling? Could be the fact that it is always chic, and yet appears effortless.

Recently I saw the film Elle, starring 63-year-old French actress Isabelle Huppert. The movie is different, but good. What I loved most, however, were the scenes of Paris streets and apartments, and her style in the movie. So I decided to do a little research about her to see if her real life style matches her depiction in the film. View Post

What you wear is a kind of shorthand communication that tells people something about you. Conservative? Artsy? Sporty? Stuck in a time warp? Hiding from the world? Elegant? Fancy? Hip? There are as many definitions, or stories, as there are people. And there is no wrong answer (well, almost no).

 I love how I can use my clothes to make me feel a certain way. I love how what I wear helps me tell the world who I am – or at least who I am that day. I love how I become more confident when I wear something that makes me feel the most like . . . well, me.

Clothes let you tell your own story.

Just to be perfectly clear, when I use the word “story,” I’m not suggesting that we be untruthful or phony. I’m a communicator by trade and by nature, so to me, it’s important to use whatever means at my disposal to send the right message, to tell my story.

For example, my story can be summed up as Harmony Designed:

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