Welcome to Harmony Designed — my blog about exploring midlife with style. I’m broadly (and optimistically) defining midlife as that period of life covering the 50s, 60s and maybe even into the 70s when many of us are taking stock of our lives, and thinking about how to make the most of what’s next. And style . . . well, that covers a lot. Your approach to life, your clothing choices, the way you live, and what you surround yourself with for starters.

My name is Judy, and I’m a native Southern Californian, wife of an amazing man, stepmom to two fantastic, well-grounded adults, YaYa to three special kiddos (at least that’s what all the cool grandkids call me), and a great-aunt to two precious little girls who light up my life. I’m also a self-described style junkie, former advertising agency owner, and recent “retiree.” Yikes! Not sure I like the sound of that!

Let’s be honest, who really knows how to retire anymore? The possibilities are limitless. That question is what has plunged me into this next exciting chapter of my life and resulted in the emergence of Harmony Designed.

I may be stepping out of the mainstream (work-wise), but that doesn’t mean I’m stepping away from life . . . or from me. And I know I’m not alone. Perhaps to some people, being 60 or more is old and “done.” The deal is – I don’t feel old, and I am certainly not done.

Do I really want to go “quietly into the night?” Not on your life.

With Harmony Designed, I want to explore how we continue to grow and evolve our selves and our style as we navigate these “aging” waters.

I’m looking forward to finding, building and nurturing a new community of women who also believe as women get older, they become more confident, creative, self-loving and wise.   And who still want to be attractive, fashionable, current, and mostly – authentic in our own skin.

I’m excited about the journey ahead. What do you think? Will you come along with me?

Where did the name Harmony Designed come from anyway (and what’s with the bird in the logo?)?

Several years ago, I came across a book written by Carrie McCarthy & Danielle LaPorte titled Style Statement and took on the challenge of defining my own style statement. The result was “Harmony Designed.” Here is how the authors describe what is a Style Statement. “Your Style Statement defines your authentic self. It is a compass for creating a life that reflects what’s true to you in every way. From your wisdom to your wardrobe, from your longings to your living room – your Style Statement is where your essence meets your expression.”

Cool, huh?

Lest I forget . . . the bird in my logo. Well, ahem . . . this is where a little quirkiness comes in. So, I’ll just say it. I’m crazy about crows. Yes, crows!

Moving on.