The other night in yoga class, my teacher talked about the principle of “effort and ease.” Basically, it means that in our yoga practice, we need to find a balance between the effort and intensity that we put into our physical practice, with the calming of our minds as we relax into each pose. To get the most out of our yoga practice, there must be a balance between our minds and our bodies. View Post

I love distressed jeans.  And since it appears that they are still among the trends for Spring 2017 (yay!), I thought it would be fun to talk about how those of us who might have worn them the first time they appeared on the fashion scene in the 60’s might wear them now . . . or not. View Post

Like you, I’ve been watching the world going through such troubling contortions, shock and pain recently. And I’ve started wondering – as we age, with the life experience we’ve gained and the wisdom earned, what is our role in these crazy times? What “gifts of age” should we be sharing most now? There is certainly a lot of us – talking Boomers and older – out there. Imagine the impact we can have if we share . . . View Post