The title of this post was squealed by my sister amidst much laughter while playing a game of cards. When she won, with joyful righteousness, she waved her arms in the air to proclaim her victory. At the exact moment that her arms were waving their delight, she squealed, “don’t look at my arms, don’t look at my arms.” Of course, her husband and I laughed hysterically, as did she, but her angst at her jiggling arms being witnessed by others (who love her dearly, by the way) was something I completely understood and could relate to. View Post

Scenario: You’ve hit your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or beyond and you want to amp things up a bit in your style? Maybe you’re starting a new job or career, maybe you’re getting off that track and trying something completely different, or maybe, just maybe you’re finally giving your Self the time and attention you deserve and you feel like a new look is in order. Where to begin.

I have a suggestion. View Post

Here’s another Shop Your Closet opportunity.  Just to illustrate how simple it can be to change your look and expand your wardrobe options, Dona and I took a basic outfit – pants and shirt — and created three different “stories.”  Starting with a denim shirt and a pair of chinos, we added different jackets and shoes to create new outfits.

Maybe one of these is more “you” than another, View Post

The other night in yoga class, my teacher talked about the principle of “effort and ease.” Basically, it means that in our yoga practice, we need to find a balance between the effort and intensity that we put into our physical practice, with the calming of our minds as we relax into each pose. To get the most out of our yoga practice, there must be a balance between our minds and our bodies. View Post