That is the question. Albeit not an earth shattering, world saving, or as important a question as Hamlet asked, but for a Friday morning, I’m OK with it.

Tucking in one’s shirt or top becomes a bit more challenging as we age. That little front tummy bulge or widening of the hips gives many of us pause before we tuck. Am I right? View Post

Book Group!  My book group is a monthly gathering of friends. The evening is spent catching up with each other, discussing the world’s problems, drinking wine, having a nice meal . . . and eventually discussing the book we just read.

This is a gathering we all look forward to. Most of us have known each other for over 30 years, and the regularity of the event means we’ll always get together before letting too much time slip by. View Post

The weather here in Southern California has been warm and beautiful the past week or so. The wildflowers have burst upon the scene and all manner of blooms are taking center stage. Case in point – my entryway arbor vine has exploded.

Although cooler temperatures are on the way, with the current warm temps and blue skies, I’m craving everything Spring – including clothes. View Post