I’ve always been a bit of a homebody, and these days I find myself more in tune and in love with my home than I’ve ever been. I’m a putterer, a caretaker, a nurturer by nature, so with more time now, rather than rushing through chores that I have to get done in one or two weekend days or after work, I can meander through them and actually enjoy the process. View Post

I’m a self-proclaimed and committed city girl. No bones about it. My favorite place is a city, whether it’s West Coast, East Coast, in-between or European, I feel my personal best “at home” in a city.

Maybe it’s the energy, the pace, the plethora of arts and culture at your fingertips, all I know is that a city will always be my happy place. View Post

If you’re like me, the phrase “those are the rules” starts me running in the opposite direction. I immediately look for a way to push back, rebel, or find another way, just to prove the “enforcer” wrong.

I know – not the most mature reaction. View Post