We’ve been in Norway now for a few days, and I have to say that it’s the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen.  Words fail me . . . honestly.  The scenery defies description, the people are warm, friendly and helpful. The food is, well, the food is pretty much anything you want. And yes, if you want, you can have pickled herring in cream (yuk) as often as you’d like.  Michael has and loves it.  Such an adventurous eater.

Anyway, Oslo is the capital and a wonderful city. A few pictures here: city walks, buildings, public art, parks, and of course, 1,000+ year old Viking ships!

Leaving the city, we embarked on a journey by train from Oslo to the head of the Naeroyfjord (English spelling) Fjord to a village called Flam (pronounced “Flome”). Breathtakingly beautiful. We so wish we had more time in Flam to explore. So sad to leave.

The journey leaving Flam involved a 2-hour boat ride through the fjord, then a 45 minute bus ride through the country, and ultimately a 2-hour train into Bergen, Norway. Whew! We were exhausted, to say the least. The weather is a bit chilly — hovering around 40 degrees and drizzly. But honestly, we’ve had spectacular weather, nothing that would prohibit our explorations or enjoyment of this magnificent country.

This last image is one I have found so funny, since I’ve never seen it in any other country we’ve visited.  This is how they make their beds. Each person has their very own comforter, and it’s folded kind of like an envelope that you slip into. Very cozy.  Michael and I have surmised that this is common practice (probably historically) due to their extremely cold winters where having your own comforter would be necessary.

So many more images and stories — I’d love to share every minute of it with you all.

Till next time . . . from Stockholm, Sweden!