I went into a beauty supply store recently to pick up a facial serum. I knew exactly what I wanted as I had just finished using a sample and really liked it. So, I headed directly to that section of the store. Before I got there, however, a young sales clerk caught me and offered her assistance. I thought, “Why not. Maybe there’s something new I should know about.”

When I told her what I was there for,   View Post

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today, we celebrate love in all its forms. Romantic, parental, friend-to-friend, pet-love and more.

I like Valentine’s Day.  It’s a nice reminder to give a little extra time and attention to our beloveds. My husband and I have a sweet tradition. View Post

Like you, I’ve been watching the world going through such troubling contortions, shock and pain recently. And I’ve started wondering – as we age, with the life experience we’ve gained and the wisdom earned, what is our role in these crazy times? What “gifts of age” should we be sharing most now? There is certainly a lot of us – talking Boomers and older – out there. Imagine the impact we can have if we share . . . View Post